Fleetwood Mac at the Hollywood Bowl | Ann-Marie Morris

Last weekend my mom and I saw Fleetwood Mac live at the Hollywood Bowl. It was AMAZING. Our seats were pretty far back but the great thing about the Bowl is that there really are no bad seats. Even if you’re half a mile away from the stage, you’re still nestled in a canyon overlooking the Hollywood sign and enjoying great music under the stars. So really, no complaints. The concert was spectacular (as expected) and it definitely brought all the hipsters out of the woodwork – ha! You can see my Vines from the show here + here!

BasicGrey Capture | Ann-Marie Morris

I’ve been using a BG Capture album to record all the fun things that have been happening in 2013, and of course, Fleetwood Mac totally earned their spot in my book.

BasicGrey Capture | Ann-Marie Morris

BasicGrey Capture | Ann-Marie Morris

I decided to keep things pretty simple and let the ticket (tucked into the center page protector pocket) do the talking for me. Easy peasy.

One Response to “fleetwood mac.”

  1. snappystreet

    I saw them last time they came to Australia and it was an amazing concert.

    My husband and I took both of our parents as a cute little new family date and we all LOVED it! Much singing and dancing was had! So glad you enjoyed it too 🙂


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