Rustic Fiesta Wedding | Ann-Marie Morris

For as long as I’ve known that I wanted to marry John, I’ve known that our wedding would be a fiesta. I mean, I live for color! I live for dancing! And I really live for Mexican food and margaritas! So clearly, there was no wavering on the fiesta idea. On the other hand, John and I both love anything rustic. We love the great outdoors. We would kill for a Craftsman-style home one day. And of course, we did get engaged in Yosemite, after all. So together we came up with the concept of “Rustic Fiesta!” It blends the colors + vibrancy of a traditional fiesta with the earthy + organic textures of rusticism. !Ole!

These photos + colors really represent the vibe I am hoping to achieve this coming Fall. I am obsessed with wild + overflowing floral arrangements, lots of warm mood lighting, and plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of paper decor items. I love the idea of exposed wood tables + an eclectic mix of dishware, dancing alllll night long to my favorite songs (I have gold flats for this very purpose!), and a fantastic spread of tamales for dinner and churros for dessert. I am so excited to be collaborating with John on our unique + collective visions for the big day. It’s so much fun to bounce ideas off of each other (or more like me sending him 15 texts in a row with ideas…he loves when I do that! HA!), even when we don’t see eye-to-eye on how things should go. We’re working as a team and that’s all that matters.

Rustic fiesta forever!

12 Responses to “rustic fiesta.”

  1. Alinor

    this photo with the table basically sums up my idea of a perfect wedding. all the best to both of you 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    “The political context in which cultural symbols exist is important. Cultural appropriation happens — and the unquestioned sense of entitlement that white Americans display towards the artifacts and rituals of people of color exists too. All “appropriation” is not merely an example of cultural sharing, an exchange between friends that takes place on a level playing field.”


    Not to put a damper on your wedding plans, but they do happen to appropriate a culture that is not your own. I know you don’t mean it to be hurtful, but it is.

    • annmarielovespaper

      I understand how this may have come across as cultural appropriation, but I assure you, that is certainly not the case. My fiance is Mexican and the majority of the guests invited to our wedding are also of Mexican descent. I have nothing but love and respect for this culture and can’t wait to marry into such a wonderful, welcoming family.

      • John (of Mexican Descent)

        I wonder what a “White American” wedding is supposed to look like? Any help, “Anonymous”? Actually, don’t worry about it. I’ll just jump to conclusions about it and deal with putting a damper on someone else’s wedding later.

  3. hcmason86

    woa, that anonymous comment is a little invasive. Anonymous do you know that her soon to be husband is Mexican!

  4. Ffion

    Lovely moodboard, the colours are fantastic! I love the triangle-patterned wallpaper in the background of the one pic.


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