san luis obispo minibook | ann-marie morris

I can’t even tell you how long it’s been since I made a mini book on the road, but after making one again for our SLO trip this past April, I am officially back onboard. As someone who is genetically-programmed to take pictures of ev-er-y-thing and collect every last bit of memorabilia like it’s my job (well, it kind of is), a mini book is an ideal landing spot for all of those treasures. Not only is fun to consciously seek out moments worth remembering, but it’s also a blast to set up shop at a hotel room desk after a long day of exploring + collecting (not as fun: cleaning up said hotel room desk before checking out).

san luis obispo minibook | ann-marie morris

For this trip, I used a Carte Postale 5×7 journal since it was the perfect size for a weekend adventure. Before leaving for SLO, I embellished the cover with a few Carte Postale supplies + my typewriter. Easy enough.

san luis obispo minibook | ann-marie morris

One of the main things that I love about this album is all of the pockets! I love having designated places to house my memorabilia + Instax photos before I figure out where they will permanently end up. Oh! And pockets also make great storage for supplies or scraps that I want to make sure I use on my pages. #pocketsforthewin

san luis obispo minibook | ann-marie morris

I brought this waterfall pack with me because it has everything I need (labels, letters, journaling spots, and die-cuts) all in one nicely-packaged place. This is key if you want to scrap on the road without schlepping your entire craft stash to your destination.

san luis obispo minibook | ann-marie morris

Mini books need not be fancy! I like to keep my pages pretty minimalist partly to avoid too much bulk, but mainly so I can finish the book before I run out creative steam. You know how it goes.

san luis obispo minibook | ann-marie morris

You can read more tips and see additional photos of my book here and here!

3 Responses to “mini on the road | san luis obispo”

  1. Jessica Toulmin

    I love it! Minimalist = awesome. Crafting while on the road = awesome. This album seems perfect, as does the waterfall pack you bought to go with it. Now, to buy a polaroid camera so I can scrap on the road …
    Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.


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