20 things about me:

Ann-Marie Morris

(Again with the dress. I know.)

1. I like very spicy food. Spicy to the point of sweat + tears.
2. I am a terrible movie-watcher but an excellent reality TV viewer (not sure what this says about my taste levels…?)
3. I often think about going back to school to become a psychologist.
4. I can never decide whether I want to spend the last few minutes of my night browsing Instagram or reading. (IG usually wins.)
5. My biggest celebrity crush is Michael Cera.
6. I want to visit all 50 U.S. states.
7. I already know the titles of the books I want to write.
8. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
9. I’m introverted often to a fault. Alone time is KEY.
10. Not quite sure what I would do without podcasts while I work. My new fave is The JV Club.
11. I love love love coffee. Partly for the taste, but mainly for the ritual of it.
12. I never screw the caps on water bottles tight enough, so at least once a day I encounter a giant water spill in my purse.
13. I send myself multiple e-mails daily. (P.S. This blog post was composed entirely in an e-mail.) (I literally e-mailed this sentence.)
14. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.
15. I love dancing. Aside from the actual marriage thing (oh yeah, that), I am most excited about dancing ALL NIGHT LONG at my wedding.
16. I aspire to be an amazing cook one day. I should probably get over my aversion to measuring + doing dishes first…
17. Occasionally I feel a strange sense of longing for my Utah days. I could never live there again, but it sure is fun to visit.
18. I always feel self-conscious about my legs when I wear shorts, but I’m trying to get over myself this summer. (My sentiments exactly.)
19. I can’t begin my day unless my bed is made. There’s just no way.
20. All I want to do is make things with my own two hands. All day. Everyday.

14 Responses to “twenty things.”

  1. jenniebites

    I told my husband if he was looking for me at our wedding reception, he could find me on the dance floor. Enjoy!

  2. beverly janelle

    I loved this post….it makes me want to sit down and write 26 (or more) things about myself right now. So, I guess that I should? I have your necklace in a minty blue that was given to me by my daughter…I want to wear it every day – but resist that urge. Isn’t it funny the favorites of things that we get “into”?

  3. Kari

    Number twelve dude. I read that shit to my boyfriend & he rolled his eyes & laughed at me. Samezies.

  4. Colleen Warren

    If you love podcasts + reality tv + laughing, you must listen to the grantland pop culture podcasts with David Jacoby & Juliet Lipman. They’re usually called “reality tv podcasts”, but most recent one is “the right reasons” (hopefully you’re a bachelorette fan). I listen to these over and over 🙂

  5. Ellen Haxelmans

    Haha, I hate it too when I love a dress or t-shirt and wear it to much that the clothes are always on the pictures. It’s like you always put it on and never wash it 😀


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