Hello everyone! My apologies for the radio silence…life has been all sorts of crazy lately, but I am determined to get back on track! ANYWAYS. Remember back in January when I talked about wanting a smaller format for my everyday memory-keeping? Well, I think I may have found the perfect solution: BasicGrey’s Capture albums. Not only are they the perfect size (6.5 x 9.5″), but they are so well-designed that it’s super easy to crank through them quickly (take my word on this…I’ve made six albums and counting for CHA over the past two weeks…!). I’ve decided to designate this particular album as my “week at a glance” book for the summer. Even though I don’t like too many rules, making weekly spreads is a breeze with this format, I promise!. And thank goodness for that, because let’s be real, I’ve got work to do and a wedding to plan! #realtalk

Ann-Marie Morris

The first page is a calendar pocket that I’ve stuffed a bunch of memorabilia into. Every couple of days, I’ll clean out my purse and remove all of the fun souvenirs that are taking up space (and getting soaked by my water bottles) and immediately tuck them into these folders. Easy peasy.

Ann-Marie Morris

LEFT: I embellished the back of the calendar pocket with a few of my favorite products and a photo of me doing what I do (even if it is from the holiday season, hence the Starbucks red cups – ha!).

RIGHT: I have to tell you that 2013 has been the YEAR for my Cameo die-cutting machine. Not a day goes by that I don’t fire that baby up to work on scrapbook pages, cards, and of course, wedding decor. For this particular page, I ran a sheet of ledger paper through the Cameo to cut out the “2013” and backed it with a white sheet of cardstock for a subtle effect. I then embellished the rest of the page with a handful of Snippets and candy buttons to set the tone for the rest of the album.

Ann-Marie Morris

LEFT: I am such a fan of oversized photos paired with minimal embellishments, so the 6.5 x 9.5″ page protector was perfect for this particular week. But let’s be real, I just wanted to stare at Sarah’s amazing home all day long.

RIGHT: To maximize the 4×6″ pocket on the bottom of the page protector, I printed three vertically-oriented photos at 4 x 1.75″ and glued them to a sheet of white cardstock.

Ann-Marie Morris

To record the highlights from trip to Utah, I wrote down bullet points on this journaling pad, popped it right into the interlocking rings, and called it GOOD. Now that’s my idea of scrapbooking!

You can read more about my weekly page updates here!

6 Responses to “weekly capture album | part one.”

  1. marcypenner

    Oh, so awesome. I’m needing to crack mine open soon and am trying to figure out what purpose it’ll have alongside my normal project life.

  2. erin m.

    This is so beautiful! You’ve totally inspired me to give this a go and try and get better at memory keeping.

  3. ashleycalderandthethingsthatshine

    This is such a fabulous idea for an album! Love it!
    If I actually did stuff, I’d totally make a book like this! 🙂


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