Ann-Maire Loves Paper | Save the Dates

I will admit that John and I agonized over what to do for our Save the Dates. As two graphic designers with very different styles, meeting in the middle proved to be a tad tricker than we both anticipated. It’s one thing to collaborate with co-workers and professionally find middle ground. It’s another thing to be engaged to your fellow designer and attempt to have constructive critiques without making the other person mad (“whatever you want” translates into “that might be your worst idea of all time.”) But somehow, someway, we did it! We tag-teamed the assembly efforts and shipped them off to our guests last night with four months to spare. Despite my concern that we may have missed the mailing window of opportunity, the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings assured me that we are right on track. HALLELUJAH.

I can’t wait to share photos of the actual Save the Dates once they reach our guests! Stay tuned…

2 Responses to “workspace wednesday | save the dates.”

  1. carrielsunday

    For some dumb reason, I didn’t know your John was a designer also. Your babies are going to be the hippest, most-graphically inclined kids on the block!


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