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This past weekend, my mom flew out to see me and it was so nice to have her around. Despite the fact that I’m nearly a quarter century old, I’ve never outgrown the “separation anxiety” phase of life. I still miss my family + friends terribly, but luckily we’re just a short flight apart. So needless to say, having her here made things a million times better!

Chair lift + walking around Sundance.

Cupcakes at The Sweet Tooth Fairy.

Alpine Slide, Alpine Coaster + Zip Line in Park City.

Exploring Main Street in Park City by bus and foot.

Sunday shopping trip at The Gateway in SLC.

Each day was jam-packed with fun activities and let me tell you…I am beat! I think one of the best things about being the tour guide is that it feels like I’m on a vacation, even though I live here. I remember it used to be the same way when we lived in San Diego. I love having out-of-towners come visit!

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This past weekend was one of the best in a long time. Here are three things that made it so fabulous:

1. We finally saw the Up House! The architect translated the details of the home from cartoon to real life seamlessly…right down to the handprints on the mailbox. It was like being at Disneyland, but in Utah! I would buy it in a heartbeat if I had the money. (And if I could move it to California- wink!)

2. My only concrete goal this weekend was to thrift, and thrift I did! In fact, we went on what we like to call “A Tour of the DI’s” (I know! We’re so much fun to hang out with!) where we get on the freeway and stop at DI’s along the way to Salt Lake. I found some cool treasures, including the green glasses shown above. Success!

3. Thanks to a tip from Sarah, I found out that Sundance hosts Full Moon Lift rides each month in the summer + fall when, you guessed it, there’s a full moon. It sounded like the most magical experience ever and let me tell you…it WAS. Being up in the mountains on a chair lift at 11 at night was one of the coolest things we’ve ever done. So peaceful and majestic. It was definitely one of those moments where I feel immensely grateful to be in Utah.


I woke up this morning in need of new reading material + a little visual inspiration, so to Provo I went. And let me just say: I love Provo. It may be conservative to the max, but it is BEAUTIFUL. Old buildings with new establishments, picturesque mountain views, lots of people riding bikes + jogging, it’s literally bursting at the seams with charm. I always enjoy my time spent there.

Made it to the library and beelined straight for for the crafts/home decor section. Stocked up on some super-inspiring reads.

Realized that I am currently the owner of four different library cards. Rest assured guys, I’ve got Southern California + Utah County covered should any book emergencies arise.

After the library, I walked down the street a bit to Flower Basket Boutique. I’ve come to realize that this amazing little shop provides me with instant inspiration. I want to model my home after the way they merchandise that presh store – everything is so aesthetically pleasing! Today I picked up the cutest leather keychain (photos to come) for only $8 and already it is putting a skip in my step. Now I want to find some small plants to sprinkle throughout my apartment. My dad has the greenest thumb on Earth, so here’s hoping I inherited that gene! Ha!


Now that it’s this weekend, let me tell you about last weekend…

We saw not one but TWO movies in less than 24 hours! The first was a late Saturday night showing of Bridesmaids and the theater was PACKED. However, once the movie got going, people started to leave. Totally not a Utah-friendly movie, completely an Ann-Marie + John movie. We LOVED it. Still quoting it any chance we get it.

The second movie was Something Borrowed and I loved that one too. Best part of all: we had the theater all to ourselves! Unheard of, I know! The secret is to go to a Sunday afternoon showing when the whole state is at church. I think we’re onto something here…

After the movies and lunch on Sunday, we went up to Sundance. Beautiful as ever! I don’t think I will ever get used to the fact that it’s so close to where we live and so easily accessible. I know I give Utah a hard time for being a little prude-y, but really, there are so many amazing things to see and do here. Good job, Utah.

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Last Friday, the Design and Marketing departments at work took a little field trip to BYU’s Museum of Art to check out a couple cool exhibitions. It was such a fun workday and here’s why (aside from not actually having to work on a workday):

1. We got to walk around BYU’s campus and get insight from BYU insiders (i.e. Sarah + Richard). I always love seeing different college campuses and imagining what life would have been like if I attended that school. Obvs there was no way that BYU would want me and my liberal values at their fine learning establishment, but alas, I am okay with this. Anyways, the campus is beautiful and charming and full of pride for their beloved Jimmer.

2. The exhibitions were awesome, including this GIANT installation made entirely of books. I was tempted to pull one out and start a guerrilla round of Jenga, but I doubt the Mormons would have approved.

3. LOOK AT THIS SUNDAE! Need I say more? Somehow we convinced our boss to buy us all ice cream at the on-campus creamery and, oh mama, was it well worth the 2.36 price tag. You done good, BYU.

4. I got to hang out with these fun people all day. Sadly it was Courtney’s last day at AC, but luckily, we will always have yearbook photos to remember all the good old days…

Richard had the brilliant idea to make a little “yearbook” for Courtney so she can always remember what we looked like 30+ years ago. The book was a total hit and beyond hilarious! If you’re looking for a great way to kill time and laugh your face off, go to Yearbook Yourself and upload a photo. I dare you not to die laughing.

In summary: I love my job, I love my fun Utah adventures, I miss Courtney but I wish her the very best!

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This past weekend was full of unexpected adventure.


What started out as a trip to Farmington, turned into a trip to Ogden, turned into John saying “it would be closer to go to Wyoming than it would be to go back home,” turned into a trip to Wyoming. Living life on the fly, people. That’s how we roll.



Things we saw: funky jagged red rock cliffs (so cool!), deer, trains going through the mountains (also so cool!), bison, elk, semi-trucks flying by us in the pouring rain (not so cool!), birds, way cool old building with modern establishments, signs for fireworks, bars, sunshine + rain + snow all in the same day, another state checked off my “see all 50 states” bucket list!

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of the past 5 million years in which I haven’t blogged (courtesy of my beloved iPhone):

Enjoying the frequent sunny days (Spring is here!) on my beach cruiser.

Fine literature on a Friday night.

Lots of bright, happy color palettes on rainy days.

Taking advantage of Daylight’s Savings and walking everywhere. I would take walking any day over driving.

Laughing at the fact that the year we move to Utah is the year BYU and SDSU (our alma mater) become serious rivals. I love a good case of irony. P.S. Go Aztecs!

Found the drugstore where they filmed a scene from the Sandlot (one of my all time faves). I would have happily acted out the scene (“The Colossus of Clout!”) had the area not been so sketch! But way cool, nonetheless. Who would have thought it was filmed in Utah? Not I, my friends. Not I.

Coffee and mini cupcakes at Mini’s in Sugar House. We ate our cupcakes and I drank my coffee as we walked about town. Perfect Saturday.

Scoped out the ridiculously charming neighborhoods in Sugar House. Ridiculously. Coming here makes us want to move here STAT.

More feet photos. For old time’s sake.

It’s been a great weekend. The perfect combination of exploring + vegging.

And I love having my best friend here to share it with.


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Never did I think that 50 degrees would feel “warm” to me, but compared to the past few months, this weekend’s weather has been positively balmy! It feels so amazing to wake up to beautiful blue skies and temperatures that don’t require a Costco-freezer jacket (P.S. is anyone else slightly terrified to go into the open freezer section at Costco for fear of being locked in? Just me? Okay.). So I have taken full advantage of this sneak peek of spring and gone out to explore our neighborhood with my camera in tow.

Much to my relief, winter here in Utah has been much milder than I ever imagined. I was convinced that I would be digging my car out every morning (like much of the country has been!) and trudging through waist-deep snow just to get the mail. Not so much. And I have to say that I am quite grateful for this! Snow is beautiful and magical and wonderful and all those things, but a spring-like weekend every now and then sure boosts morale!

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Today John and I ventured out to Park City to see what all the Sundance excitement is about. And naively, we thought we might actually be able to get out of the car and walk around.

Not so much.

The place was PACKED. If by chance there was an available spot, you had to pony up 20 bucks. Who do they think they are? Disneyland? There was no way this cheapskate was forking over that kind of cash. Even if Oprah was in the building.

So we came up with a better plan:

We headed to Midway…

…where the holidays are still live and kickin’!

Much better.

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