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Ann-Marie Morris | Pinterest Faves

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After a solid week and a half of nonstop work, I made the executive decision to throw myself a freaking bone and take a night off. So of course, I immediately went on a Pinterest bender. When paired with a cup of coffee (or glass of wine, depending on the time of day), there’s nothing else that simultaneously relaxes and excites me as much as a little visual inspiration seeking. My new favorite thing to do is find inspiring new feeds to follow…so much fun! I’ve also been trying to notice how inspiration “feels”…have you ever done this? Whenever a brilliant idea crosses my mind, I feel it in the top of my stomach. Such a strange correlation, but I guess there’s truth behind “going with your gut!”

Where are your favorite places to find inspiration?


Ann-Maire Loves Paper | Save the Dates

I will admit that John and I agonized over what to do for our Save the Dates. As two graphic designers with very different styles, meeting in the middle proved to be a tad tricker than we both anticipated. It’s one thing to collaborate with co-workers and professionally find middle ground. It’s another thing to be engaged to your fellow designer and attempt to have constructive critiques without making the other person mad (“whatever you want” translates into “that might be your worst idea of all time.”) But somehow, someway, we did it! We tag-teamed the assembly efforts and shipped them off to our guests last night with four months to spare. Despite my concern that we may have missed the mailing window of opportunity, the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings assured me that we are right on track. HALLELUJAH.

I can’t wait to share photos of the actual Save the Dates once they reach our guests! Stay tuned…


To-Do List Printable | Ann-Marie Loves Paper
Every morning, I like to begin my day by brewing some coffee and jotting down my to-do list. Whether or not I actually accomplish everything on my list is sort of beside the point. I do it mainly just to get all my thoughts + assignments out of my brain and simply put a nice pen to well-designed paper. I mean, is that too much to ask for?

To-Do List Printable | Ann-Marie Loves Paper

So of course, it was only a matter of time before I made my own to-do list form! I like to print these on the back of scratch paper or anything that I have lying around – no need to bust out the fancy cardstock! You can download these lists HERE. Enjoy!

P.S. If you’re looking for an inexpensive pen with great flow + the ability to erase (mind-blowing, I tell you!), I highly recommend stocking up on the Pilot FriXion!


Remember when I talked about how productive I can be when I just leave the house? Well, I think I may have found my most productive workplace yet: THE AIRPORT!

Let's Fly Away | Ann-Marie Loves Paper

As someone who is perpetually fifteen (twenty, twenty-five…) minutes behind schedule, I rarely have the opportunity to really take full advantage of the airport setting. I’m usually trying to race through security, grab a bottle of water, and get onboard before my plane leaves the runway. Okay, so maybe it’s not that bad (most of the time), but it’s not often that I get to wander through an airport and take a moment to breathe before takeoff.

On Friday morning, I had an early flight to Salt Lake and was pleasantly surprised when the usual weekend rush at LAX was nonexistent. In fact, I was able to get through security in less than three minutes – victory! So I went over to Coffee Bean and picked up coffee + oatmeal (that came with steamed milk – heaven!) and sat down to enjoy my meal. I can’t even tell you how nice that was for a change. Especially since it meant I could avoid the always-futile juggling act of lugging my carry-on suitcase, my laptop, and a large cup of hot coffee down that narrow aisle to my seat (lord beer me strength). Once it was time to take to the skies, I opened up my laptop and got to work! I edited photos, I composed a blog post, and I reveled in the fact that I could be so productive at such an early (read: 7am) hour! There’s something to be said about having to remain stationary for an extended period of time that really allows me to focus and get things done.

On Sunday when I was flying out of SLC, I had to get to the airport extra early to turn in my rental car and on top of that, my flight was delayed. But you know what? I didn’t mind it one bit. Salt Lake has a fantastic airport with plenty of tables, comfy chairs, and outlets coupled with a wide selection of dining options (including coffee! and alcohol! go utah!). I was more than happy to get my standard coffee + oatmeal and find a table where I could take advantage of the several unscheduled hours I had before me. It was kind of the best thing ever.

If I could hang out in that airport at one of the tables overlooking the runway, I would do it every single day. Ahhh, I love flying.


Editorial Calendar | Ann-Marie Loves Paper

After running BasicGrey’s blog for nearly two months, I’ve come to learn just how invaluable editorial calendars really are. BG’s marketing director and I use an ongoing Google spreadsheet to track + plan posts months in advance, so I rarely have to worry about generating content at the last minute. SO HANDY, YOU GUYS. It’s been a welcome change of pace for this non-planner to see firsthand just how effective scheduling posts ahead of time really is.

Between running the BG blog and spending a few days with the blogging master Elise last week, I feel newly inspired to really crank out (give or take) five posts a week, every single week here on my personal blog. (Content ideas welcome! Ha!)

So as a way to kickstart my latest goal, I created an editorial calendar printable to keep track of weekly + upcoming posts. If you would like to get onboard the frequent blogging train too, you can download it HERE. Happy planning!


workspace wednesday | ann-marie loves paper

p h o t o   c r e d i t

If there’s one bit of wisdom I can impart on all you work-from-homers, it’s this: leave the house.

I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to figure out the beauty of a change of workspace scenery, but boy, does it ever make a difference. By going to a coffee shop for a few hours, I get so much work done, I get my caffeine fix, and did I mention that I leave the freaking house? Yes. It’s amazing. Coffee shops are amazing. Checking things off my list in an awesome atmosphere is – you guessed it – amazing. Better late than never, right?

Which coffee shop is your favorite? I need something other than the old standby! (;

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