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Editorial Calendar | Ann-Marie Loves Paper

After running BasicGrey’s blog for nearly two months, I’ve come to learn just how invaluable editorial calendars really are. BG’s marketing director and I use an ongoing Google spreadsheet to track + plan posts months in advance, so I rarely have to worry about generating content at the last minute. SO HANDY, YOU GUYS. It’s been a welcome change of pace for this non-planner to see firsthand just how effective scheduling posts ahead of time really is.

Between running the BG blog and spending a few days with the blogging master Elise last week, I feel newly inspired to really crank out (give or take) five posts a week, every single week here on my personal blog. (Content ideas welcome! Ha!)

So as a way to kickstart my latest goal, I created an editorial calendar printable to keep track of weekly + upcoming posts. If you would like to get onboard the frequent blogging train too, you can download it HERE. Happy planning!


One of my favorite parts about working at American Crafts was the opportunity to meet + collaborate with some amazing people, including the super talented (and super sweet) Liz Kartchner! It was always a treat when she would come into the office to work on her line, contribute to critiques, and ooh and ahh over all the new product with us! So much fun.

Here are a few sneak peeks from her latest line, Lucky Charm:

Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm Collection
Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm Collection
Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm Collection

American Crafts is thrilled to announce it’s 6th collection from designer Elizabeth Kartchner, “Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm.” Beautiful paper with a cool mix of blues, mint, orange-red and yellow, with a pop of pink in the each of the pretty florals.Lucky Charm was inspired by jewelry charms so you will find your favorite “lucky” icons here and there. As well as dreamy clouds, star-maps, hot air balloons, and darling umbrellas. Some of the new products sure to get you excited include the roller phrase-only stamp. Scrapbookers loved the Dear Lizzy Date Stamp, so in this collection you will find a new stamp that is full of just the fun phrases. There are also awesome Diecut Cards (4″x6″), striped square buttons that look like candy, a perforated sticker book, tissue fringe flags, fringe garland, printed clothespins, and a colorful Daybook. Of course, a Dear Lizzy line wouldn’t be complete without some Lizzyesque icons including jars, kites and handwritten phrases.

To see a sneak peek of another product, continue on the blog hop to Shimelle Laine and be sure to make it to the end for a giveaway of the entire Lucky Charm collection!


December Daily Part Three | Ann-Marie Morris
December Daily Part Three | Ann-Marie Morris

PINK PAGE // If this page looks an awful lot like the previous page, then you would be…correct. Ha! Originally, I planned on inserting a different colored paper in the backside of the glassine bag, but I loved the way the hot pink looked so much, I decided to keep it as is. The pink patterned paper on the outside of the bag is actually a postcard I purchased from Cotton + Flax at Renegade and the gold screenprint on top of that is from Life Love Paper. I also bunched up a little bit of this faux-tinsel yarn (I’m obsessed with this stuff!) and secured it to the underside of my photo with a gold paperclip. (Additional supplies: date stamp | StazOn Ink | Sharpie Ballpoint Pen | washi tape | snowflake printable that I designed – link to come!)

TEAL PAGE // First of all, I was so psyched when I saw this free printable on Pinterest (from the new-to-me and super inspiring blog, A Pair of Pairs) because I knew instantly that I wanted to print it on teal vellum for my book! Love when that happens. To preserve as much of the printable design as possible, I kept my embellishments to a minimum: a photo, a few strips of washi + American Crafts Glitter Tape, and my trusty date stamp. Easy enough to finish in less than ten minutes. Just how I like it.

Random sidenote: I feel like I’m always chasing daylight when it comes to photographing my projects these days – I just can’t seem to stay on top of it! And the thing is, I love more nighttime than daytime in the winter, but I have totally been struggling with it over the past few weeks. These photos were shot on the end of the driveway (of all places) with approximately five seconds of natural light to spare – gah! When and where do you shoot your photos?



A few weekends ago, I met up with my good friend Janelle for coffee + blog talk. If there’s anything in this world that the two of use can discuss until pretty much the end of time (and then some), it’s bloglandia. Who we look up to, what kinds of posts we love, what styles we gravitate towards, and of course, how the H can we be those people? It really was the best and I can’t wait to do it again soon.

And speaking of blog loving, here are a few that have totally won me over recently:

Small Fry. Am I a mom or do I plan on becoming a mom anytime soon? Good lord no. But I am in love with this blog run by a talented group of gals from Utah (where else?).

The Fresh Exchange. The hand-lettered titles, the stunning photos, the Parisian lifestyle (!!!)…this blogger has the midas touch.

Blog Brunch. A blog about blogging? YES. PLEASE.

Obama’s Website. All politics aside, Obama’s team hit it out of the park when they hired SimpleScott to brand his campaign. This article profiling the head designer is especially fascinating.

What are your favorite new blogs? Do share!



It came to my attention recently that it may seem as though all I do is attend parties, drink lots of coffee, and visit Disneyland on random weekdays. (Okay, so 2/3 of those things are pretty accurate.) The truth is, I have my hand in so many different projects at all times that I’m not exactly sure what my title is! I do lots of graphic design, crafting, working for Amy, photographing, stamp-making, scrapbooking for others, writing, and yes, lots of Disneyland-ing. Each day is completely different than the last and filled with it’s own unique set of challenges and rewards. If ever my multimedia design degree (the one that I had no idea what I was going do with when I graduated) came in handy, NOW is the time. I love when things come full circle.

Here are a few of the projects I’ve completed lately:

Rebranding + redesigning Two Peas in a Bucket.

Revamping The Style Eater’s blog.

Designing stamp sets for Studio Calico, including four for October’s Roller Rink kits, three for the Darling Dear mid-release, and one for an upcoming class.

I can honestly say that when I moved back home last March after being laid off, I most definitely did not know what I was going to do (and sometimes, I still don’t!). Freelancing is a mixed bag of tricks. It’s the best because I get to work from home and not wear makeup or brush my hair or put on real clothes for days at a time (or maybe I’m just a homeless person?!). It’s also the worst because there’s so much uncertainty and self-doubt that creeps in on a daily basis. But like all things in life, if you just trust that things will work out, they almost always do. So far, so good.

Quick Disneyland trip, anyone?



Happy Friday!

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared three things that have caught my attention recently. Here’s what’s inspiring me this week:

After the Jump. Obviously everything Grace Bonney touches is gold, so it should come as no surprise that her podcast is fantastic. I enjoyed her interviews with Genevieve Gorder and Meg Mateo Ilasco so much that I might have listened to them at least three times (or more…).

Blog, Inc. I absolutely, positively can’t wait to read this book! I’m obsessed with blogs. I’m obsessed with talking about blogs. I’m obsessed with anything blog-related. September can’t come fast enough.

Alt Channel. In the year and a half that John and I lived in Utah, I feel like we pretty much experienced everything Utah has to offer. However, there is one thing I regret not taking advantage of: Alt Summit! (Gah!) So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered the Alt Channel. Being able to take an Alt class without having to book a flight to Salt Lake? Sign me up!


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Two words: Wedding. Blogs.

They have become my guiltiest pleasure and the biggest black hole for large chunks of time. I blame my obsession on you, Jamie (;

And here’s the best part: I’m not even engaged…! HA! But good lord, you better believe I’ve already got the whole wedding planned out, right down to the last detail. (And never in a million years did I think I would be that girl!)

My two faves at the moment are Ruffled + Green Wedding Shoes.


Moral of the story: When my Pinterest feed starts blowing up with anything remotely related to weddings, send for help!

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This week has been a little bit on the difficult side. John is still in California waiting for someone to figure out what is wrong with his liver. I’m in Utah learning what it’s like to live alone indefinitely (harder and easier than I thought). That 100% chance of snow yielded…no snow. Work is so insanely busy. But then there are little moments of sunshine like this one:

Totally made my day, especially since it came from my idol of all idols, Miss KP! Thank you again, Kelly!

I’m looking forward to a productive weekend. And by productive, I mean lots of sleep and relaxation. Maybe a little cleaning and exercising? Definitely some Project Life-ing.

Whatever it entails, I’m going to make the most of it. Hope you all do the same! (:


Last night, Sarah and I were lucky enough to attend the Design*Sponge crafting and book-signing event at Anthro in SLC. Talk about exciting! We only stalk her blog on a daily (sometimes hourly!) basis! (; Plus it meant I got to do a little Anthro shopping, a little champagne-drinking, and a lot of laughing with Sarah and her hilarious friends…what more could I ask for from a Tuesday night?

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