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I remember a few years back when I first got into scrapbooking, I came across a post from Maria Grace Abuzman (love her!) about making her own kits and pulling one out randomly whenever she wanted to sit down and create. This idea struck me as total and utter genius, but for some reason, I never really tried it out…until now! Last night, I decided to follow suit and put together some of my own kits. It was so much fun going through my stash (especially now that I know where everything is!) and putting together different papers, journaling spots, Thickers, stamps, etc. The whole concept of using only what’s included in a kit is something I find incredibly inspiring.

And speaking of inspiring, is anyone else as motivated by deadlines as I am? Okay, so this might sound completely ridiculous, but I set a mini-goal for myself use up all of my new SC kit (which I received yesterday) by this Friday. Yep. Five days to use up every last bit of it. Ah, I love a good challenge! I cranked out three layouts last night while watching Kim Kardashian’s wedding special (embarrassing, I know!) and I’m hoping to do the same tonight!

Will keep you posted… (;


Because of my newfound love of illustration, I’ve been coming across the most visually inspiring blogs EVER.

ANNA BOND. Now, I’ve been a longtime fan of Anna’s work at Rifle Paper Co. but I had never read her personal blog before. Holy Moly! I love it so much that I read the whole thing as fast as I could. She is seriously talented and I LOVE this video about her.

LISA RUPP. I discovered Lisa’s gorgeous drawings through my co-workers and could not be more impressed. I am seriously loving her simple yet stunning style. Plus, she’s got a fun inspiration blog here.

YELLENA JAMES. I mean, just look at her work! That is all pen and ink. INSANE! Her work was even featured as part of the set design on Modern Family! If that’s not the coolest thing ever, then I don’t know what is.

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This week I’ve been super inspired by the blog world.

one: Jana Laurene. I love her candid blogging style and gorgeous photography.

two: Lisa Rupp. Website and blog. I am so enamored with her simple illustrations.

three: Sydney Poulton. Her blog is just fashion inspiration central. And I’m kind of obsessed with her perfect bangs.


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Did you guys catch the amazing giveaways over at Elle’s Studio and Bella Blvd this past week? Holy cow, talk about happy holidays to the winners! I loved checking the blogs everyday to see everyone’s inspiring contributions!

Here’s what I whipped together:

And yet another minibook, because seriously, I can never make too many circle mini’s…

You can see even more here!

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As it turns out, I’m a bit of an addict to visual inspiration sites. I realize they are all essentially the same thing with essentially all the same photos floating around, but that doesn’t seem to be much a deterrence to me, now does it?

Pinterest is totally my favorite (famous last words). The best part about it (and the part that sets it apart from all the others. That’s a whole lot of “parts.”) is the fact that you drag a “Pin It” bookmarklet into your toolbar and whenever you come across an awesome photo on the web, you simply click the button. It’s THAT EASY. There’s no need to save it to your hard drive and copy/paste the URL and all that fun stuff. You simply click the button and get on with your life. Boom.

Here are some recent faves that I added to my “pinboards.” See, even the name sounds cool!






Check me out, yo! (Janelle – are you on this site yet? It’s totally a Janelle site)


September’s Elle’s Studio Gallery has officially gone live! I had  SO much fun this month. Seriously.

A quick and easy card, using as many general sentiments as I could think of!

My Fall mini book. Have I told you how much I LOVE Fall? I love it enough to do a scalloped circle mini book about it, that’s how much.

I decided that in order for me to really love doing mini books, they literally have to be mini. This one’s built on a 3 inch circle and I busted it out in no time flat. Felt awesome.

Establishing a basic sketch (journaling on the left side, photo on the right side) from the beginning makes the whole process of assembling it effortless (and allows for plenty of time to use as many embellishments as possible – my fave!).

Halloween from last year at Heather’s house was SO much fun. I’m sad I will miss Heath this year as she embodies the noble role of Snooki. (P.S. One year she dressed up as a man for Halloween, complete with the facial hair and…an N’Sync shirt. Every time I come across those photos I laugh hysterically. I love you, Heath!)

Skyping with my family is so funny. They all squish together on the couch (Jake the dog included) and we shoot the breeze and I carry my laptop around my apartment to show them how the decorating is coming along. Just another day for the Morris family…

You can see more of my projects here, in addition to everyone else’s amazing September creations! So inspiring!

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My good friend Janelle is constantly sharing inspiring links from the blog world with me (keep ’em coming, Janelle!), and one of my recent faves is Artessen. Have you heard about this site yet? It is AMAZING, to say the least!

Makes me want to get crafty!

Makes me want to travel!

Makes me want to get stylish with color, color, and more color!

It’s a bit reminiscent of Tumblr, but easier to browse through (in my opinion). I don’t care if there are a million of the same-formula visual inspiration websites, I will sign up for each and every one of them!

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I’ve been a busy girl cranking out the layouts these past couple of days, in between working and coming down from my Glee high – ha!  First up is a layout for the American Crafts blog . The challenge was to use at least 2 items from the new Dear Lizzy collection, which was no problem for me! I have been hoarding her products since the moment they burst on the scene!

Journaling says: “For the past few years, I have been obsessed with pink Nike running shoes! My newest kicks are the pinkest ones yet and the best at motivating me to workout!”

And of course, the fabric paper is SO much fun to play with (especially when combined with pinking shears and some flower folding action!) and it comes in the prettiest patterns. I also used two of the patterned papers,  in addition to the Whistel stamp set and the Clover Bloss Thickers. Honestly, I am in LOVE with this line.

Second up is my challenge for last week: to scrap a non-holiday layout using holiday- themed product. 

A little mix of holiday Sassafras and Cosmo Cricket = tons of fun! Thanks for stopping by!

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In the spirit of lazy Saturday mornings, I found a few things that have kept me quite distracted (and parked in front of the computer for waaaay too long). So I feel like sharing the lazy bug with you as well:

I’m obsessed with podcasts. And the word obsessed applies quite literally here – it’s nothing short of an addiction. One of my favorites is Tranquility du Jour from Kimberly Wilson. Everything she blogs/speaks about it everything I want to hear.

Another favorite is the Paperclipping Roundtable. I can’t seem to get enough of that show! Especially this past week when they spoke with Stephanie Howell (whom I totally adore!). One of my favorite concepts from Stephanie during that show was when she said she really only scraps about moments as opposed to events. I want to do that too!

I just ran across The Color Room blog/color challenge site that looks quite intriguing! I can see myself going back here again and again.

One word: GLEE!!! This is how much I love that show: one time John and I watched an episode TWO times in a row! If you know anything about me and my lack of patience/ability to sit still long enough to watch an hour-long show all the way through without fidgeting like a 4 year old, you would realize what a landmark event it was for me to do such a thing. That, my friends, is good television.

Lady Gaga’s and Beyonce’s “Telephone.” That song is INTENSE! Especially when Beyonce starts rapping. And of course, the subject matter is so serious. Love it!

Kelly Purkey’s Snapshots of My Weekend posts. Such a fun concept – I’m jumping on the bandwagon too! Look for my weekend recap in photos on Monday…

Have a great weekend, everyone!

P.S. Cloudy weekend mornings make me want to watch HGTV and listen to jazz. But not at the same time.

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So I was just browsing the blogs I subscribe to via Google Reader and clicked on Ali Edwards’ blog, of course. When what to my wondering eyes should appear…my face! Hahah! It caught me off-guard like, hey I think I recognize that person! Super psyched. You can read more about it here.

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