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Oh man, I am SO glad it’s Saturday, how about you? I am snug as a bug on this cozy, rainy Saturday morning. Took an awesome kickboxing class at the gym followed by a hot shower followed by PJ’s, a cup of coffee, and a warm blanket as I type this out. Now THAT is what I’m talking about (: And since I have no idea where this post is going, I will share a few random things/thoughts with you…

Last night I went on a little bit of a shopping spree. Not sure where my willpower went, but I am sure that I love my new winter clothes from Gap (they’re having a major sale this weekend!) and my brand new coffee maker! In my defense, I was in dire need of a new coffee maker given that the old one was leaking coffee all over my countertops and making my mornings more hectic than usual. Not good. So, of course, I bought a sleek white one and I love the way it looks! It’s no espresso machine (maybe one of these days…), but I love it just the same. And as for the clothes…well, you can never have too many pairs of jeans, right? (;

Additionally, I went on a major cleaning + purging spree with my craft stash around 10 o’clock last night. I’m only halfway done, but the pile is mountainous! I’m already feeling so much better about it already! Can’t believe it took me this long to tackle it…

This cold, rainy (and in some parts, snowy) weather has John and me on cloud nine. There is something so satisfying about a tangible change of seasons…something that Southern California doesn’t really get to experience. Strangely enough, all this crazy weather has me pining for the holidays when I can go back home (to that place with no real weather) and celebrate the season there. It’s not even the big Thanksgiving meal or Christmas morning that has me super excited; it’s the little things. The smell of my parents’ house when the heater is on. Going Christmas shopping at the Topanga mall with my mom. Staying up late with my brother and laughing about everything. Going to Disneyland (best time of year to go!). Spending Christmas Eve with John’s family. Having breakfast with my family. Reuniting with friends over coffee. Wrapping gifts. The list goes on and I can’t wait!

And finally, there are a few things floating around the interwebs that I forgot to share! Over at Janelle’s blog, I wrote a post on thrifting. Over at the AC blog, you can read all about me and my hilarious co-workers. And as always, you can find my pinning like a madwoman over at my Pinterest.

Happy Saturday!

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I have this recurring dream of getting rid of everything I don’t absolutely LOVE from my crafts supply and starting over from scratch. Doesn’t that sound so wonderful and inspiring? I realize that I have plenty of space for all my fun papers and embellishments right now, but what about when I move back to California and I have half the space for double the cost? What will I do then??? And more importantly, why am I worried about this now?

So…in an effort to use things up, I’ve been making layouts whenever I feel the slightest bit inclined to play with paper. Here are a few of my latest pages:

I also feel like I want to shake things up and maybe move my craft space to a new part of the apartment. The dining room? My bedroom? I don’t know, but a change of scenery sounds good right about now. Sometimes (okay, maybe all the time) I think back to my San Diego apartment, where I didn’t have a lot of space, but I was so content to plop down in the walk-in closet and surround myself with papers + stickers. I like the idea of being in a small space with a limited amount of supplies.

Ah yes, the grass is always greener…


We’ve been in Utah almost one whole year (!) this week + I’m feeling like it’s about time to tie up loose ends in the decorating department. Here’s how things are looking, via Instagram photos:

Refrigerator door. Includes: a typewritten list of bills to pay each month; You + Me print that I whipped together last night; silhouette of California; a handwritten to-do list; a printable from Eat, Drink, Chic; and my favorite of all, a hall pass that I wrote for John when we were seniors in high school (I worked the switchboard and had access to all the passes, so I would send for John, who was a TA that period, to come up to the office. And of course I would write embarrassing things on all his passes, like “need to get your medication.” Oh we were such bad kids! ha!).

Living Room Wall. I originally painted these three canvases all the same teal color + then started to draw flowers atop them with a gold paint pen. Turns out, I kind of hated it. So I decided to repaint them all, in a different color, but then I ran out of paint so I added a bunch of different colors. Long story short: I thought they were hideous until I got them on the wall and now I love them! Happy accident!

Mantle. I love that decorating my mantle is so non-committal, unlike putting holes in the wall and then changing my mind about the placement of said holes (which I am excellent at!). Includes: “Sunshine” print that I made last night; mercury glass candle holders from Target; mirrors from Target; plant from Lowes. Sidenote: I’m 24 years old and I’ve never been the sole caretaker of a plant before! I’m a little worried about it, but when I was shopping the plant aisles yesterday, I thought to myself, I could really get into this! Plants are fun! We’ll see how it goes…

Guest Bathroom. Includes: Another plant! Yay!; mercury glass candle holder from Target; mini vase from Target; glass plate from DI.

Dresser. Includes: Frames from DI; mirror from the Goodwill; blue bowl from Anthro; silver tray from the Goodwill; white cake stand from Target; blue vase from DI; dresser made by my grandpa.

My mom is coming to visit in two weeks and I can’t wait to show her everything. It’s going to look A LOT different than when she and the rest of my family helped move us in last summer. Can’t wait!


I am having a great Memorial Day weekend, how about yourself? What is it about having an extra day that makes the whole entire weekend THAT much better?

I’ve been on a major scrapbooking binge, using up as much of my overflowing stash as possible (and adding a little more to it, thanks to a quick trip to Pebbs!). I attribute this sudden need to scrap everything in sight to my recent spare room rearranging/organizing/making things more aesthetically pleasing and inspiring!

For the past however many months we’ve lived here, I had my desk pushed up against the wall and it was just not working for me. Of course, it made for lots of floor space + room for guests, but guests are infrequent and I’m here everyday. Finally, I decided to move the desk to the center of the room and raise it as high as it would go (about waist high) so I can stand up and work. I also moved the shelving unit to the other wall and it feels so good to have a change of scenery! While I was on a roll, I started organizing and getting rid of things that I know I will never use. It’s amazing how little changes can have such a big impact! Now I want to spend all my time in this room, creating, reading blogs, eating breakfast, drinking coffee, listening to music, staring out the window, anything + everything.


Today I woke up early to get ready for our cable to be installed. When that didn’t go according to plan (due to the fact that our balcony is just a hair away from receiving any reception via satellite and we need written permission from the landlord to rig a dish up on the roof), I decided to get to work on organizing my spare bedroom, aka the Craft Room! I can’t believe I finally have a room to dedicate entirely to my hobby (translation: a place to unload the ridiculous amount of stuff I brought over from California!). Such a thrill, I tell you.

Here’s a little sneak:

This was before I organized it. You don’t even want to know what was behind the wall to the left. Boxes and piles and boxes and piles of lord-knows-what. Actually I do know what. Just plain crap. But now that crap has a home!

And now it is sparkly clean and organized and almost up to par! I plan on taking photos of the new and improved space this week, so stay tuned!

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This past weekend I became OBSESSED with reorganizing my room and workspace and all that jazz that has been occupying precious spacious in my tiny little neck of the woods. Fun, fun, fun. I love a good burst of inspiration to make things happen. Here’s a few images that made me want to sign up for a credit card with IKEA stat:









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Oh my gravy…(any Amazing Race fans in the house???), I feel like I haven’t blogged in months! More like a week, but time flies when you’re not blogging and thinking of things to write about. SO, I will share what I have been up to!

Knitting…is not something I have been doing! Ha! I needed a photo and I liked the colors in this photo and there ya go. False advertisement.

I have, however, been working a lot! Today is my first day off in awhile and I am LOVING it! Still rocking the PJ’s as we head into the afternoon. Living the life!

I’m currently listening to the ladies of House of Three talk about their inspiration sources. They are a hoot!

Thoroughly enjoying Kelly Purkey’s Sketchbook class. It gets me excited to jump out of bed and see what has landed in my inbox each morning!

DVR’ing every single episode of the Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood re-runs. I am on a Tori Spelling kick right now. Just finished reading her book and look forward to vegging out in front of her show. Maybe I need to get a life?

Surprising my rainy-day-loving self by enjoying this amazing Spring weather! I was dreading the heat, but it is so refreshing to eat breakfast outside each morning in the warm, happy sunshine!

Planning a massive washing-of-filthy-car day today. It has not been washed in 3 months and it is gnarly. And – here comes a nugget of nerdiness– I LOVE washing my car. It’s like a hobby of mine. There’s something about being outside, listening to my iPod, blasting the car with the hose and scrubbing the dirt into oblivion – oh happy day. And here’s another nugget: I only like to wash my own car. I feel no sense of pride or satisfaction in washing someone else’s car (sorry family).

Looking forward to Easter. Is it weird that I miss hunting for Easter eggs? Maybe I will bring it back this year! 23 is not too old to find plastic neon eggs hiding in the bushes…

Itching to take a mini-vacation. Or day trip. Or journey to the mall. SOMEWHERE new, please. A change (of scenery) could do me good.

Realizing that the best way to view my Google Reader is to click on All Items in the upper left-hand corner. That way I get to see everything all in one scroll! Yippeee!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday!

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Yesterday involved a total workspace overhaul:

and then…

After making a list of everything that needed a house and what I had to house them in, I hit up the Goodwill where, for $6, I scored two fabulous new containers for my desk! Oh happy day, let me tell you. I am quite pleased with the results. Now for the difficult part: maintaining the organization…


Today is my busiest day of the week, yet I feel compelled to squeeze in a quick blog post! Hahah! So I have been keeping myself quite entertained with my paper collection, as you can see above (another page for my holiday minibook) and below (Good God, the mess!). I am now of the mindset to use up all my supplies without any hesitation, hence the madness going on below!

I also wanted to share my latest jewelry display going on on my dresser. I love the idea of treating jewelry as art as opposed to throwing it in a drawer. I was SUPER inspired by this particular post on Decor8.

So there you go, a random photo assortment! Hahah! Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend and taking part in holiday fun!

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The other night, I had had enough. I could not stand to look at my highly disheveled desk or catch a glimpse of the adhesive residue that had become quite the eyesore any longer. I cleaned and organized and then cleaned some more and am happy to say – everything is back in it’s place and I am one happy camper. Here are some photos of my cleaning prowess:

November 4 014

November 4 018

November 4 019

November 4 011

Oh happy day…

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