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To-Do List Printable | Ann-Marie Loves Paper
Every morning, I like to begin my day by brewing some coffee and jotting down my to-do list. Whether or not I actually accomplish everything on my list is sort of beside the point. I do it mainly just to get all my thoughts + assignments out of my brain and simply put a nice pen to well-designed paper. I mean, is that too much to ask for?

To-Do List Printable | Ann-Marie Loves Paper

So of course, it was only a matter of time before I made my own to-do list form! I like to print these on the back of scratch paper or anything that I have lying around – no need to bust out the fancy cardstock! You can download these lists HERE. Enjoy!

P.S. If you’re looking for an inexpensive pen with great flow + the ability to erase (mind-blowing, I tell you!), I highly recommend stocking up on the Pilot FriXion!


Editorial Calendar | Ann-Marie Loves Paper

After running BasicGrey’s blog for nearly two months, I’ve come to learn just how invaluable editorial calendars really are. BG’s marketing director and I use an ongoing Google spreadsheet to track + plan posts months in advance, so I rarely have to worry about generating content at the last minute. SO HANDY, YOU GUYS. It’s been a welcome change of pace for this non-planner to see firsthand just how effective scheduling posts ahead of time really is.

Between running the BG blog and spending a few days with the blogging master Elise last week, I feel newly inspired to really crank out (give or take) five posts a week, every single week here on my personal blog. (Content ideas welcome! Ha!)

So as a way to kickstart my latest goal, I created an editorial calendar printable to keep track of weekly + upcoming posts. If you would like to get onboard the frequent blogging train too, you can download it HERE. Happy planning!


smitten font by ann-marie morris

The iPad is one of those luxuries in life that I was convinced I would not need until all of a sudden I own one and I can’t. put. it. down. Pinterest on an iPad? Game changer. Instagram pics at 9.7″ tall? WHAT! Flipboard + Feedly for all my social media needs? In love!

However, the app that makes owning an iPad really worth it is iFontMaker. Using just your finger or a stylus, you can bust out an entire hand-drawn font in no time at all! I’ve made at least 10 fonts so far (and even turned this one into a stamp!) and have no plans on stopping anytime soon. Needless to say, all those years of drawing on the shower door when I should have been washing my hair have finally paid off.

Feel free to download Smitten for yourself! Enjoy!



I am attached to my new laptop.

I love the ease and portability and sturdiness of it. Have I ever mentioned how my last laptop (the one that I got for college that surprisingly enough, is still a snail’s pace) lays 180 degrees flat when opened? Straight line! (Which I guess is handy if you plan on nailing it to the wall?)

Channeling Ramona Singer’s catwalk face while modeling my old comp’s severe lack of backbone.

Anyways, when I’m not browsing blogs for several hours on end (again, chalk it up to the ease of a laptop with a spine intact) or cheesin’ for the cam with my dilapidated comp, I’m absorbed in Illustrator. Best design program ever! In fact, I am so obsessed with creating journaling tags for scrapbook pages or cards or journals or what not, that I decided to share my latest creations with you, my dearest blog reader.

Click on photo to open in new window and print at will!

Just a little something I busted out on a whim. I plan on making several more fun designs in the near future to share with everyone. Because you know this laptop will not be pried away from my hot little hands anytime soon…

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