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I feel like I really missed the boat when it came to blogging about the Olympics.

I loved them. Loved loved loved, just as I do every two years.

This marked the first Olympics I enjoyed through the magic that is the DVR. To be able to see a good chunk of the Games without dedicating 16 hours a day to them? Priceless. The only downside is that if you get too trigger-happy with the fast forward button, you might miss some real commercial gems like this Ragu number. Holy.

But now that the Olympics are over, it’s back to my Bravo reality shows and a new fave: The Big Bang Theory. The same way I am a fiercely loyal Bravo viewer, my brother is TBS’ number one fan (it’s pretty much a given that if a show goes into syndication, my brother will become obsessed with it and in turn, get the rest of us obsessed with it). Thanks to his dedication, he got me hooked on The Big Bang Theory. It’s become a nightly ritual for Andy and I to watch whatever episodes recorded on the DVR that day. It’s such a great show, I really can’t praise it enough.

I can, however, praise the DVR for bringing a little Sheldon into my life every night. Bazinga.

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Last year on the Fourth of July, John and I were on a plane bound for Salt Lake City just as Los Angeles lit up with fireworks. Everywhere we looked, we could see bright bursts of color in honor of Independence Day.  It. Was. Awesome. I highly recommend enjoying fireworks from above sometime in your life.

However, watching fireworks from below is always fun too. This year Jamie + Kareem invited us to celebrate with them in Newport Beach, and as usual, we had a great time. The highlight had to be the be the impromptu jumping photoshoot on the bay.

What is it about seeing photos of each other in mid-air that is so hilarious? Whatever it is, we couldn’t get enough!

The dogs on the other hand? They’ve had their fill of jumping photos.

At least until next year (;


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Two weeks ago, John introduced me to one of the funniest shows I have ever seen:

Flight of the Conchords.

Actually, it is beyond funny, it is HYSTERICAL. I love everything about it, especially Jemaine’s ridiculous deadpan commentary!

My favorite episode includes Kristen Wiig (love her!) and epileptic dogs. Sounds totally off-the-wall and it absolutely is!

Seriously, we watched every episode in less than a week, as it became a bit of an addiction! I’m bummed that they only made two seasons (why do all the BEST shows poop out early? I’m talking to you Arrested Development!), but I have no doubt we will be re-watching them repeatedly until we have every line memorized. Isn’t that how everyone watches their shows?

Go put it in your Netflix queue! You won’t regret it!

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