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20 things about me:

Ann-Marie Morris

(Again with the dress. I know.)

1. I like very spicy food. Spicy to the point of sweat + tears.
2. I am a terrible movie-watcher but an excellent reality TV viewer (not sure what this says about my taste levels…?)
3. I often think about going back to school to become a psychologist.
4. I can never decide whether I want to spend the last few minutes of my night browsing Instagram or reading. (IG usually wins.)
5. My biggest celebrity crush is Michael Cera.
6. I want to visit all 50 U.S. states.
7. I already know the titles of the books I want to write.
8. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
9. I’m introverted often to a fault. Alone time is KEY.
10. Not quite sure what I would do without podcasts while I work. My new fave is The JV Club.
11. I love love love coffee. Partly for the taste, but mainly for the ritual of it.
12. I never screw the caps on water bottles tight enough, so at least once a day I encounter a giant water spill in my purse.
13. I send myself multiple e-mails daily. (P.S. This blog post was composed entirely in an e-mail.) (I literally e-mailed this sentence.)
14. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.
15. I love dancing. Aside from the actual marriage thing (oh yeah, that), I am most excited about dancing ALL NIGHT LONG at my wedding.
16. I aspire to be an amazing cook one day. I should probably get over my aversion to measuring + doing dishes first…
17. Occasionally I feel a strange sense of longing for my Utah days. I could never live there again, but it sure is fun to visit.
18. I always feel self-conscious about my legs when I wear shorts, but I’m trying to get over myself this summer. (My sentiments exactly.)
19. I can’t begin my day unless my bed is made. There’s just no way.
20. All I want to do is make things with my own two hands. All day. Everyday.


To-Do List Printable | Ann-Marie Loves Paper
Every morning, I like to begin my day by brewing some coffee and jotting down my to-do list. Whether or not I actually accomplish everything on my list is sort of beside the point. I do it mainly just to get all my thoughts + assignments out of my brain and simply put a nice pen to well-designed paper. I mean, is that too much to ask for?

To-Do List Printable | Ann-Marie Loves Paper

So of course, it was only a matter of time before I made my own to-do list form! I like to print these on the back of scratch paper or anything that I have lying around – no need to bust out the fancy cardstock! You can download these lists HERE. Enjoy!

P.S. If you’re looking for an inexpensive pen with great flow + the ability to erase (mind-blowing, I tell you!), I highly recommend stocking up on the Pilot FriXion!


@ammlovespaper | instagram

From left to right:

  1. Knitting a beanie, drinking coffee, catching up on the Rachel Zoe Project, and wearing sweats well into the early afternoon. Self-employment at it’s finest.
  2. Reorganizing all the books + magazines in my nightstand. P.S. I’m looking for new reads…any suggestions?
  3. Clear desk, clear mind.
  4. The most beautiful day EVER. I sat outside far longer than my whiter-than-white skin would have liked, but the warm sunshine felt so good.
  5. Stocking up on new yarn for another knitting project. Can’t. Stop. Knitting.
  6. My wedding attire is coming together quite nicely, thanks to the sale section at Anthro!
  7. I simply refuse to give up my beanies and my winter attire just yet. Even if it is 90 degrees out!
  8. The warmer weather and longer days have made for lots of early evening walks with Wally. I’m really, really loving it.



planners | ann-marie loves paper

I sort of abandoned my planner for a few months last year (September / October…who are you?) in favor of the Teux Deux app on my phone. And as much as I loved the convenience of having my agenda everywhere I went, I missed the way it felt to SEE a week at a glance and to physically WRITE out my schedule with different colored pens. There’s nothing quite like the tactile satisfaction that comes from crossing things off and getting it done! This is also the reason I could never be 100% graphic design…I need to use my hands!

That said, recommitting to writing in my planner everyday has been a huge source of joy for me (seriously!). I break down my tasks over the whole week. I write down which days I worked out. I make goals for each week, whether it’s to go to bed by a certain time or try to figure out how to use my camera remote. I keep track of deadlines and hours worked. I make sure to note which days were really awesome. I put check marks next to things I accomplished. I write lists on notepads and then paperclip them into my book. I keep track of my life and it feels so good.

Do you love planners? How do you stay organized?



workspace wednesday | ann-marie loves paper

T O D A Y // Making piles, moving piles. Working on a few projects for Amy. Trying to figure out my place on Vine (are you on it? do tell!). E-mailing + g-chatting. Packing stamp orders. Watching Girls. Thinking about when I should leave for the gym. Slowly chipping away at my 2013 Project Life pages (photos to come!). Drinking a spinach / carrot / greek yogurt / almond milk / blueberry / banana smoothie. Trolling the interwebs for party decor inspiration. Reading and re-reading The New-Fashioned Wedding nearly every single day (such a good book). Looking forward to visiting Oh Hello Friend’s new shop. Designing printable Valentine’s. Loving the sunshine. Procrastinating. Still rocking sweatpants at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Same ol,’ same ol.’ (You know how it goes.)



I was going to tell you all about the hot mess that currently is my workspace, but then I saw this list by Amy and knew I had to follow suit.
Top Knot 18 by Elizabeth Mayville | via Ann-Marie Loves Paper

Digging: my new “Top Knot 18” print by Elizabeth Mayville (shown above). Her shop is amazing.
Drinking: a bottle of Topo Chico.
Eating: cuties by the dozen.
Listening: to the latest episode of Joy the Baker and dying over it. As usual.
Wearing: my new sweater with sequined elbow pads + my Target cords.
Reading: “The Fire Starter Sessions” by Danielle LaPorte.
Feeling: a mix of overwhelmed + underwhelmed. Freelancing is a mixed bag of tricks, yo.
Weather: rainy + cozy.
Wanting: this book by the Novogratz family. A wedding venue. And maybe a vanilla latte?
Needing: to start my days earlier. And go to yoga more often.
Wishing: my friends who live out of state would move back home.
Thinking: about crafting up a storm these next few weeks for our upcoming engagement party!
Enjoying: the productivity that happens after 10pm.
Loving: how Wally finally mastered the art of “shake.” I’m so proud of that pupkins, my heart just might burst.



1. When baristas spell my name correctly. A hyphen and no “e” = a happy Ann-Marie. (The vanilla latte is just icing on the cake at this point.)
2. Watching seasons 3 and 4 of Parks + Rec on Netflix over and over (and over) again.
3. Finding the best Zumba teachers and taking all of their classes religiously. Like a total fangirl.
4. Cranking through my to-do list.
5. Having an organized bag. Typically this means removing a handful of receipts, a fat stack of Chipotle napkins, and $0.97 in pennies.
6. Browsing Pinterest or Instagram on my phone until I fall asleep every night.
7. Limes. I eat them the way you would eat oranges. I mean, really, who needs enamel?
8. Secretly listening to holiday music when no one else is around. (Why is holiday music so embarrassing???)
9. Cold weather clothing for these gloriously chilly nights we’ve been enjoying here in Southern California.
10. Packaging orders. I genuinely love hand-addressing envelopes, stamping my business cards + thank you notes, applying liberal amounts of washi tape + (hopefully) brightening the recipient’s day. P.S. I’m going to blog about my new holiday packaging next week!



Despite the fact that the temperature reached the triple digits today (insert expletive here), I am so thrilled that it’s finally October.

The way I see it, October is perfectly positioned between the long, hot days of summer and the frenetic but always fun holiday madness. The Halloween / Thanksgiving / Christmas excitement is starting to brew, but not enough to overwhelm my to-do list. The sun begins to set earlier and earlier. The weather (knock on wood) cools down and entices me to spend more time outdoors. The leaves on the trees begin to change colors. Three words: pumpkin spice lattes. Three more words: boots, scarves, sweaters.

But the very best part of all is that (historically speaking) this is the time of year when my creative mojo shoots through the roof. Last night I downloaded the app Teux Deux on my iPhone and instantly filled the “Someday” section with several projects that I want to try, products that I want to make, and photos that I want to take. I also began to make a list of goals for myself, including waking up earlier, staying organized, going to yoga more often, drinking more tea instead of coffee, saving up to buy a new camera, etc. My brain was shooting off ideas faster than my fingers could type (which is the very best kind of problem to have)! I can’t wait to dig in…

Happy October!



Loving | when I come across inspiring new Instagram or Pinterest feeds.

Making | various craft projects.

Reading | Poser: My Life in Twenty-Three Yoga Poses by Claire Dederer. So good.

Learning | how to manage my time better. It’s an ongoing battle. Definitely inspired by Elise’s tips.

Drinking | lots of iced coffee from Starbucks. Need to learn how to make it at home!

Listening | to a mix of podcasts, including This American Life + Jillian Michaels.

Eating | cherries and strawberries from local farms.

Dreaming | of a weekend getaway somewhere…anywhere! I’m in need of a vacation.

Watching | The Real Housewives of NYC and really loving the new cast.

Loathing | how disorganized I currently am. This is about to change.

Enjoying | lots of playtime with Wally. Man, I love puppies.

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LEFT // I’ve been spending a good chunk of my free time in Target, especially in the home decor and kitchen sections where I dream about furnishing my next place. I’ve already caved and bought an espresso maker and a new lamp. I figure, if I buy it, the house will come  (;

RIGHT // More invitation prep for Jamie + Kareem. Jamie and I spent a few hours lining envelopes with book paper, stamping tags with her custom stamp and working on placecards. Living vicariously through someone else’s wedding prep? SO. MUCH. FUN.

LEFT + RIGHT // Last Friday was spent at – where else? – California Adventure + Disneyland. The new California Adventure revamp is definitely worth checking out. There’s new rides, a Ghirardelli ice cream / coffee shop, and trolley cars, just to name a few of the many new additions. I thoroughly enjoyed it and judging by our “every other Friday” schedule we have unconsciously followed, I’ll be back in two weeks.

LEFT // Wally! Wally is my brother’s dog who has been spending lots of quality time with my family these past two weeks. We love him to pieces and can’t get enough of his sweet little face (even if it does contain his super sharp puppy teeth – ouch!).

RIGHT // Lots of placing orders, packaging orders, and taking orders to the post office. Loving every minute of this little side biz I’ve got going on.

LEFT // Spring cleaning mode is in full effect now that it’s summer. I’ve already organized my closet, now I just need to work on everything else! I’ve enlisted the help of a ruthless third party (aka Mom) to help me pare down all the crap I own, because if anyone gets a major adrenaline rush out of taking big bags to the Goodwill, it’s her.

RIGHT // Summer is here and I’m trying to make the most of it. It hasn’t been too hot here yet, but I did spend about 7 seconds outside in the Valley yesterday and nearly melted. Lord help me get through the real summer heatwaves. P.S. I took this photo by suspending my iPhone over the pool/ instant electronic death pit…! I think my Instagram obsession might have reached a new level of extreme.

But alas, I keep on ‘grammin.


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