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There are so many things I want to do/ learn/ make right now! Here’s a small sampling, in no particular order:

– Sew a quilt.

– Make more pillows (inspired by this video).

– Start an Etsy.

-Throw a themed party, complete with fancy invites + decor.

– Write a book.

– Make video tutorials.

– Go all out on handmade holiday decorations (taking cues from this fabulous video).

– Learn to enjoy cooking. (Sidenote: this may or may not be feasible.)

– Make videos for other people.

– Sew curtains. (Inspired by the ones in this room).

– Build a website.

– Make a Blurb book with all my Instagram photos.

– Make hypertufa flower pots with my dad.

– Paint on cloth napkins.

– Order large prints of my favorite photos.

– Start designing holiday cards (it’s never too early, right?).

– Learn to really knit + crochet.

– Make my own clothes (might need to overcome my aversion to measuring first).

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After my last official shift at Paper Source today, I headed over to the fabric store where I snagged some gorgeous colors and textures for feathering my new nest!

I bought a yard of each style, so I think I might make some pillows with my signature flower embellishments, and then use the leftovers for fun patchwork throughout the apartment. These colors are making my eyes so happy right now!

T minus one week until the big move! I have so much to do and barely any time to get it done, but all I want to do (translation: all I will do) is scrapbook and shop for my apartment! We will see how much of the midnight oil I am burning at the last possible moment…

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Being that I tend to err on the side of suitcase over clutch when it comes to my taste in bag sizes, I am constantly encountering the issue of The Abyss. It’s like going on a treasure hunt each time I have to find my phone or more importantly, my wallet as I get up to the counter to pay. Well let me tell you, I had reached my limit. I LOVE my new yellow purse but it was crying out for some organizing! 

Enter 1/2 yard of linen purchased for a whopping $1.30 and my sewing machine and here you have it:

Voila! Mission Purse Organization: Complete! It may not have perfectly straight stitching lines, but it is perfect for me! I am no planner and I don’t “do” directions well; I simply dive in head first. I’m just grateful I had the foresight not to sew a pocket on upside down – ha! I feel so much more accomplished now that I am all organized and able to find what I need when I need it. Phew!

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