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The time change has made for some interesting ebbs and flows in my energy levels this past week, to say the least. On Monday I was FULL SPEED AHEAD and on Tuesday I was…not.

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On Monday, I got myself out of bed and straight into a Zumba class with time to spare (a rare occurrence). I then came home and set out to clean my desk so I could get work done in a clean space, but in the process, ended up reorganizing my closet, my shipping supplies, my bookshelf, and my nightstand. I would have kept going (!!!), but I had work that needed to be completed in a time-sensitive manner so I focused on that instead. Of course, I then decided that I should take the dog on a nice long walk to wear him out a little bit. So we did. For an hour and a half. And after that, I jumped right back into work until 3am before I realized that I should probably get some sleep. It should also be noted that I had little appetite the whole entire day and I wasn’t the least bit tired. WHERE DID THIS ENERGY COME FROM?

On Tuesday, I woke up and immediately regretted that decision. My sky-high energy from the day before had OFFICIALLY left the building. So…I spent a good portion of the morning (ahem…and early afternoon) working on my wedding pinning in my pajamas. (That’s somewhat productive, right?) I also made sure to chug as many glasses of water as I possibly could and that definitely seemed to help. Luckily, it was the most beautiful day of all time, so I was eager to sit outside and bask in the glorious California sunshine while answering e-mails from my phone (where would I be without my iPhone?). From that point on, I had a better grip on my energy. I packed and shipped a bunch of orders. I did a little grocery shopping. I took Wally on another long walk. I accomplished only what I needed to accomplish and left it at that.

I am always analyzing, always rethinking, always trying to find new ways to be BETTER, you know? I want everyday to be like Monday, but clearly that is SO not going to happen. Some days are good, some days are great. I just have to roll with it.

How do you maintain your energy levels? I would love to hear your thoughts!



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I sort of abandoned my planner for a few months last year (September / October…who are you?) in favor of the Teux Deux app on my phone. And as much as I loved the convenience of having my agenda everywhere I went, I missed the way it felt to SEE a week at a glance and to physically WRITE out my schedule with different colored pens. There’s nothing quite like the tactile satisfaction that comes from crossing things off and getting it done! This is also the reason I could never be 100% graphic design…I need to use my hands!

That said, recommitting to writing in my planner everyday has been a huge source of joy for me (seriously!). I break down my tasks over the whole week. I write down which days I worked out. I make goals for each week, whether it’s to go to bed by a certain time or try to figure out how to use my camera remote. I keep track of deadlines and hours worked. I make sure to note which days were really awesome. I put check marks next to things I accomplished. I write lists on notepads and then paperclip them into my book. I keep track of my life and it feels so good.

Do you love planners? How do you stay organized?



workspace wednesday | ann-marie loves paper

T O D A Y // Making piles, moving piles. Working on a few projects for Amy. Trying to figure out my place on Vine (are you on it? do tell!). E-mailing + g-chatting. Packing stamp orders. Watching Girls. Thinking about when I should leave for the gym. Slowly chipping away at my 2013 Project Life pages (photos to come!). Drinking a spinach / carrot / greek yogurt / almond milk / blueberry / banana smoothie. Trolling the interwebs for party decor inspiration. Reading and re-reading The New-Fashioned Wedding nearly every single day (such a good book). Looking forward to visiting Oh Hello Friend’s new shop. Designing printable Valentine’s. Loving the sunshine. Procrastinating. Still rocking sweatpants at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Same ol,’ same ol.’ (You know how it goes.)



workspace wednesday | ann-marie loves paper

I’ve been reading Danielle LaPorte’s The Fire Starter Sessions on my Kindle every night and it is jam-packed with so many amazing passages that I really just need to memorize. And because I am the least patient person on the planet (i.e. I grabbed my iPad to check my e-mail + Instagram while I waited for the photo above to load…!), this quote is really speaking to me:

Within the constraints of morality and maturity, you should do whatever you need to do to feel gratified in the moment. It may be as subtle as choosing a more positive thought or reminding yourself to smile. Maybe it’s taking two minutes in your car or at your desk to do nothing but just feel into the day. Maybe instant gratification is fifty sit-ups for an adrenaline rush, ordering dessert first, giving an unexpected hug, signing the lease, or telling your boss to shove it. You can be responsible to those around you while creating immediate pleasure for yourself.



workspace wednesday | ann-marie loves paper

Every night you can bet I’ll be setting up shop under the tree, working away on my laptop, listening to holiday music or a podcast, drinking tea (or wine, depending on what the night calls for) and making the very most of this month. As long as this tree sticks around, I’ll be around.


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