Ah, Friday. What’s not to love?

Tonight (after my THREE hour nap, I might add – apparently full work weeks are not for the faint of heart!) John made us burritos and we are now settled in for a full night of the Savage brothers, via The Wonder Years and Boy Meets World. Bringin’ it back! I LOVE The Wonder Years and I LOVE old-school Disney channel. I am especially enjoying Topanga’s super long crimped hair and super long gaudy acrylic nails. Oh, the 90’s…

Park City all vintaged-out, thanks to Photoshop Actions 135 by night-fate.

Thanks to my awesome co-worker Lindsey (who speaks the same scrapbook dialect as me), I have acquired a slight addiction to free Photoshop actions, which has lead to copious amounts of downloading into the wee hours of the morn’. It’s a vicious cycle, I tell ya, but oh-so-gratifying when with one click of a mouse, my photo looks completely vintaged-out! It’s so cool, it has it’s own made-up terminology!

This weekend I plan on getting CRAFTY. I have to admit I was kind of worried that having a creative job might suck any extracurricular creative desires right out of me, but no! I am happy to report that it actually makes me want to create even more! (And that concludes my jinxing of said extracurricular creativity.)

Have a great last weekend of July!

2 Responses to “Night of the Savages”

  1. Janelle

    Omg annie that vintagey photoshop app is amazing!! i’m really loving it! also i’ve been LOVING all your Utah photos and stories!! 🙂


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