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After a solid week and a half of nonstop work, I made the executive decision to throw myself a freaking bone and take a night off. So of course, I immediately went on a Pinterest bender. When paired with a cup of coffee (or glass of wine, depending on the time of day), there’s nothing else that simultaneously relaxes and excites me as much as a little visual inspiration seeking. My new favorite thing to do is find inspiring new feeds to follow…so much fun! I’ve also been trying to notice how inspiration “feels”…have you ever done this? Whenever a brilliant idea crosses my mind, I feel it in the top of my stomach. Such a strange correlation, but I guess there’s truth behind “going with your gut!”

Where are your favorite places to find inspiration?

2 Responses to “workspace wednesday | gathering inspiration.”

  1. Chantel

    Oh I totally get what you mean by how inspiration feels. Sometimes I get so excited about a blog post idea that I can feel it and I’m almost too excited to act on the idea -I just want to feel the feeling for a little while.


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