I had no idea how I was going to get caught up. I honestly didn’t care that much about catching up (bad scrapbooker, I know!). All I really wanted to do was print out some photos and whip it out as fast as possible so I could move on to the next. So I did it.

And, truth be told, it is my FAVORITE spread of the year!

8 Instagram self-portraits, Thickers, two sheet of patterned paper, yellow washi tape, and this stamp. Done.

It took maybe half an hour. Maybe. The longest part was adding the captions to the photos and resizing them for printing. Once that was done, it was smooth sailing! I can’t even tell you how ridiculously happy this makes me. But I will tell you that I plan on doing something very similar for this coming week’s spread, only in all white, a la JamaicaΒ and Vee. (Whatever those two do, I want to do too. Just so we’re all clear on this.)


13 Responses to “project life: combining several weeks.”

  1. kimberly ah

    I love knowing that others are far behind too…I did something similar in January (because I had to wait to get my PL stuff) and I think I’ll have to do the same for April, because I got behind AND didn’t take many pictures 😦 But, catching up & continuing is more important than perfection…off to work on it now–thanks for the inspiration πŸ™‚

  2. jayessjaybee

    Just so we’re clear… the way you feel about Jamaica and Vee… I feel the same when I see the amazing things you create, too!

  3. Kam

    I LOVE how you used the page protectors this week! I’m generally worried each week to take photos and find ‘stuff’ to put into each pocket, but I think I’m going to try leaving some room to use paper that I love instead. thank you for sharing this

  4. jamaica

    Love the band of photos across the middle, so stealing that! And the idea of using a unifying theme, brilliant for covering weeks at a time. Great idea.

    PS. the feeling is completely mutual. Can’t wait to see your white week!

  5. vee

    ditto, your PL is fab and this spread is gorgeous, love the row of photos together! you are amazing, can’t wait to see what you do with white week! xo

  6. Kristen

    love the layout of this! i’ve been seriously procrastinating on scrapbooking my europe trip (from 2009), partially because i can’t choose which pictures to use, and partially because i can’t choose a layout. is this something you can buy at a store, or did you get fancy and create it?

  7. katie licht (@katielicht)

    I’ve been looking for project life inspiration on pinterest and kept finding that all the spreads I loved most led me to your blog! your pages are so fresh: the perfect mix of scrapbook-y and graphic design-y, if that makes any sense. πŸ˜‰
    happy to have found your blog!


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