This past weekend in San Diego was quite successful when it came to finding new desk supplies that I probably didn’t need, but let’s face it, I totally needed. Between a visit to the swap meet and a stop at Fashion Valley Mall where I discovered my new favorite shop, Typo, I came home with some real gems.

I’m taking this stroke of luck as a sign that I need to move back to San Diego. Like, yesterday.

stamps, teal scissors, tape dispenser, double hole punch (a gift from Amy!): typo // stapler, red fringe scissors: kobey swap meet // neon pink ink: paper source // yellow tape: target

4 Responses to “workspace wednesday: new supplies.”

  1. Aimee

    I bought the pink, yellow and orange hero arts ink this week too. Only I have to wait for it to ship from the US 😦 don’t you love a stationary high 🙂

  2. Cara-Mia

    Kobey’s has always been a favorite of mine. Why haven’t I gone in so long??

    That new Typo store is incredible! So many cute supplies, and I love the decor.


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