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It pains me to think that bookstores are a dying breed, so whenever I’m near a B+N (RIP Borders), I absolutely have to visit.

It goes a little something like this…First stop: Magazines! Second stop: Coffee! Third stop: Design / Crafts / Home Decor section where I grab a fat stack of inspiring books! Fourth stop: Find one of those step-stools and park it for an hour or more! HEAVEN, I tell you.

Here are two of my recent finds that I am in love with:

good reads | ann-marie loves paper

STYLE ME PRETTY WEDDINGS | Obvious choice, much? YES. But I don’t care. This book will stay with me long after I say “I do” since it’s chock-full of beautiful photos, plenty of party inspiration, and a ton of DIY’s that can apply to so many things other than weddings! It’s funny because I always associate the Style Me Pretty blog with high-end, super extravagant weddings that quite honestly, never really appeal to me. So to pick this book up and be genuinely inspired by all the real-life (read: potentially low budget) ideas was such a wonderful surprise! I can’t recommend it enough!

good reads | ann-marie loves paper

(Both books pass the very important well-designed spine test.)

good reads | ann-marie loves paper

100 WAYS TO HAPPY CHIC YOUR LIFE | This book is part design inspiration / part self-help and I LOVE IT. My favorite little nugget of wisdom from the book is the one you see above, but really, all of Jonathan Adler’s ideas are sheer genius (obviously). However, the best part of all is the little fold-out pages that feature DIY projects to make for your home. Crafts? Home Design? Life tips? Yeah, I’m in.

What books are you loving these days?

P.S. Remember how I was telling you about being a contributor to Everyday Storyteller Vol. 2? It’s now available for purchase! Get your copy here! (:

3 Responses to “good reads.”

  1. Janine Freudiger

    Wow, I totally love inspirations for new books! And I am always that attractet by certain styles that I often just sit and stare at a beautiful page for minutes. It’s kind of soul-food for me and really helps after a hard day! At the moment it’s Holly Becker’s “Decorate” and Clare Nolans “Making a house your home”…
    And as I deeply LOVE books and don’t want bookstores to die, I’ll never change to a Kindl or some kind of E-Book-Reader as an alternative to real books..
    Sunny Greetings from over the ocean, Janine

  2. Eri

    Both look great!
    Also, I ordered Every Storyteller No.1 & 2 yesterday!! I’m already excited!

  3. shelbyleigh08

    I am dying to get the Style Me Pretty book! I have loved seeing how much Abby//SMP has grown over the years, I hope a SMP Living book is up next!

    Another one I’ve been eyeing is Jose Villa’s Fine Art Wedding Photography book. Everything he does is magic.


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