I was going to tell you all about the hot mess that currently is my workspace, but then I saw this list by Amy and knew I had to follow suit.
Top Knot 18 by Elizabeth Mayville | via Ann-Marie Loves Paper

Digging: my new “Top Knot 18” print by Elizabeth Mayville (shown above). Her shop is amazing.
Drinking: a bottle of Topo Chico.
Eating: cuties by the dozen.
Listening: to the latest episode of Joy the Baker and dying over it. As usual.
Wearing: my new sweater with sequined elbow pads + my Target cords.
Reading: “The Fire Starter Sessions” by Danielle LaPorte.
Feeling: a mix of overwhelmed + underwhelmed. Freelancing is a mixed bag of tricks, yo.
Weather: rainy + cozy.
Wanting: this book by the Novogratz family. A wedding venue. And maybe a vanilla latte?
Needing: to start my days earlier. And go to yoga more often.
Wishing: my friends who live out of state would move back home.
Thinking: about crafting up a storm these next few weeks for our upcoming engagement party!
Enjoying: the productivity that happens after 10pm.
Loving: how Wally finally mastered the art of “shake.” I’m so proud of that pupkins, my heart just might burst.


5 Responses to “workspace wednesday: lists.”

  1. amy tangerine

    ok, need to get that book unless you just want to let me borrow it when you are done 😉
    also need a video of wally doing his trick please.


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